Inbox Blueprint 2.0 by Anik Singal Review

Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review

Hello, I’m Michael , I’ve been making money online for more than 2 years now. I am creating this product review by Anik Singal called Inbox Blueprint 2.0, the following is my review and my thoughts. I hope you find my ramblings helpful 🙂

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Inbox Blueprint at a glance…

What is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 ?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is an Email Marketing Training course online. It is good for newbies, intermediate & advanced.  And if you watch and really follow his teachings you’ll definitely build an email list and will turn out that will be the start of a new career which is earning your income thru Email Marketing.

Can you imagine yourself having a list of customers waiting and hungry for knowledge.  All you have to do is send them an email. Look at it this way, you are providing solutions to their problem.

I highly recommend to grab a copy of Inbox Blueprint 2.0 when it launch

A little Background
Inbox Blueprint launched for the First Time in January 2014. They sold over 10,000 copies and many students were introduced to Email Marketing for the first time- and they loved it

It has been closed since 2014, but Anik and his team reopened it in 2016, and made it better by adding some killer software that can create your funnels FOR You, a members area forum, and may more.

Whats new in Inbox Blueprint 2.0

1) Addiction Meter
The first step Inbox Blueprint 2.0 module introduces email marketing and recommendations about the niche they can select for success in Email marketing.
Here is what you are going to learn from

-Choose A Niche
-What Niche Make Most Money With eMail Marketing
-Research Niche On
-Research Niche On
-Research Niche On Search Engine, Google
-Amazon Niche Research

2) The Bait
This step teaches you how to design an opt-in page, collect information from the email subscribers, various design techniques, and also the valuable info you can share with the email subscribers. Here’s what is covered:
-What’s an opt-in page?
-How to designing an opt-in page
-How to collect data
-Difference between double and single opt-ins
-How to write email that convert to sales

3. TYP Method
This step explains in details how to go about designing the “Thank you pages” to be displayed when the visitors subscribe to their emails. It gives emphasis to the strategies that can be used with the ‘Thank You pages’ and how the Thank you page are acquired. You will learn:
-Best Technique Thank You Page Strategy
-Using The Lunch Pad To a Create YIP Plan and Strategy
-Simple way to apply for the thank you page
-Use Anik Signal ‘s thank you page strategy to Generate Revenue
-EXERCISE: Select Your Offer

4. Email Machine: An Overview

The automatic responder software service is the main topic under this step. The email machine will quickly respond to the subscribers on the email list. One of its major advantages is that it allows the marketer set daily automatic emails to the subscriber emails. However, the automatic responder service has recurring costs on the marketer.

Here is what you will learn:
-Introduction To Autoresponders
-SendLane Free Account Setup
-Broadcasting and Automated Messages
-Tracking Your Clicks
-And more

5. Email and List Relationship

The fifth step focuses more on how to establishment of a good relationship between you and your email subscriber. The relationship should be built on trust, as well as promote a service that is valuable to the subscribers. Anik singal email marketing secret will show you:

-The 3 rules you should follow and how you should plan your strategy
-Building a strong relationship with your subscribers
-Write perfect emails that convert into sales
-Write emails when announcing launces of big products
-Offer valuable content that your subscribers will love
-The different types of promotion – Low, Mid, High ticket
-The major key part of email – The subjects Line
-Promotional and Sales eMail
-Setting Up 12 Day Auto responder (Minimum)

The module is one of the best as it very important in internet business and it will help you to make the most money. Know what to share, known what your subscriber want and what to offer them and you will make a lot of money with little work.

6. Payday Secrets
This is another interesting module that needs more attention as it teaches you how to make more money, double your income, building a strong relationship with your list and more: This step will shows you how to convert the email subscription list to money. Check the lesson for this module below:

-Build strong relationships with subscribers and monetizing your list
-Create a genuine product in YOUR niche,
-How to increase earnings
-Promote Affiliate Program.
-Using Webinar To Sell Affiliate Product
-Double Your Conversion By Adding Bonus To Your Promotion

7. Easy Traffic

Step 7 is all about targeted traffic. The pillar behind making money online .Every effort will be fruitless without it. This section goes into various ways to get targeted traffic from free to paid. Here is What It covers

-Paid advertising: Solo Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Adword Training
-Free Guest blogging,
-Free advertising,
-Free Social media Traffic: Twitter
-Free: Yahoo Answer
-Free forums

As you can see there are some sheer values in this course. On top of all you see from the training, you will also get access to some EPIC Bonus that even triple the price of the main training itself.

8. Unlimited Success

This training module’s final step shows the catch to maintaining an online business. It provides the student with important metrics that must be watched closely, as well as improving email open rates, increasing the number of conversations with subscribers, boosting email deliverability and ensuring that emails are deliver to and read by subscribers.


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The LunchPad Software

Watch the video below to show you how easy and simple it is to use

Not only that, you will also get complete free access to Inbox Blueprint membership Forum

The Laun Team created a forum called Inbox Blueprint Community! This will help you to grow your business and share experience from other internet marketers. You want to ask questions, feedback and support, offer advice and more.

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Enjoying your inbox Blueprint 2.0 and lunch a successful business.

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Michael John

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